European UFABET Gambler Strikes it Rich Using the Internet


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Online gambling is no longer the USA-only craze that some American politicians would have you believe. Growth rates for Internet gambling outside the United States is on the rise and non-US e-gambling will surpass US e-gambling before 2004.

Highly regulated European legislative jurisdictions are giving net gambling the green flag, and it should come as no surprise that European gamblers are now beginning to win their fair share of the online mega-jackpots.

The European players are rolling in the cash in numbers that will turn red, white and blue gamblers to envious shades of green. The proof is in the pudding, as the latest online champion “Jeffrey” won $124,953.75 at InterCasino ( playing the non-progressive Aladdin’s Lamp video slot machine from her home in Holland. This whopping jackpot is one of the largest European e-wins ever recorded, and is on par with the mega-jackpots regularly being claimed by American e-gamblers.

InterCasino is one of the few sites that has been able to successfully offer both a North American and a European online casino. Part of that success is owed to the painstaking detail the company applied to its Spanish and German sites. The language is not just translated, it’s localized. It is details like this that fuel European online gaming.

Online casino regulation in Europe is approached from a different angle than in the US. The UK in particular is embracing online UFABET gaming from all angles and expects to have licensed online gaming operators taking bets from England by 2005. A recent report released by England’s MPS on the House of Commons Culture Committee found that the liberalization of betting laws “will not result in a flood of new players getting hooked on gambling.” as is the concern in the US and went on to report “…that the Government will create opportunities, particularly for casinos, to modernize existing gambling products to bring the UK industry in line with other jurisdictions.”

With Europe looking at the online gambling market as an extension of the terrestrial gaming business, there is no doubt that the future of European gambling is set to go interactive. The highest online gaming usage in Europe is currently from the UK, Norway and Germany. But as InterCasino player Jeffery will tell you, Holland has its share of players too.

Wendy Hits $7000 on Her First Time at Kiwi Bingo  

Bingo player Wendy A. of Lincoln City, Oregon, netted the $7000 top prize at this week. Wendy smashed a home run, reaching bingo on a 25 square cover-all within the required 54 calls, all within one hour of signing up on what was an exciting first visit for Wendy to Kiwi Bingo.

Kiwi Bingo’s owners commented, “This is the fourth time Kiwi Bingo’s top jackpot has been struck in recent months. Some competing sites claim to have high cover-all jackpots, but their players seldom win them because they require the player to reach bingo in a lower number of calls. At Kiwi Bingo its possible for any player to win the top prize in any week and that’s the way it should be – congratulations Wendy.”

The “Top of the Week” jackpot runs every Saturday at 10pm E.S.T.

Kiwi Bingo has become known for its lively chat community, and is popular for the industry’s largest weekly bingo jackpots. Kiwi Bingo is owned by the Christchurch Casinos Group, Austalasia’s prestigious land-based casino organisation, which is based in Christchurch – New Zealand.