KNOM present: It’s About Time

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Knom Music proudly presents a new regular night based around the concept of time, and the manipulation of it. January sees a trio of kick-ass acts with amazing drummers.

Quack Quack
Like the great rhythm sections of James Brown, Africa 70, CAN and Led Zeppelin, Quack Quack operate right next to your heartbeat and your footsteps. They understand the importance of rhythm and use it to get the good chemicals flowing. This is music for dancing and smiling. Quack Quack have played a superabundance of gigs, sharing the stage with many great bands including, Hella, E.A.R, Pit er Pat, Scout Niblet and Lords. All three members, individually, continue to contribute to the Damo Suzuki Network.

One More Grain
Can, Miles Davis, The Fall & Pere Ubu meet up at a drone college near Lancaster. “One More Grain’s stage presence and energy was spellbinding” – Whisperin & Hollerin. “One of the best debut performances I’ve ever seen…How often do we catch a band on the London circuit who are so tight, so quickly?” – Playlouder.

All Traps Set
Solo Drum Project of Chris Warmsley, uber drummer and sometime member of Voice of the seven woods, Viking Moses, Psapp, and just a jaw dropping drummer and an excellent project.