Lolli’s Cherry Pop Energy drink and Energy shots by Vimgo

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I really try not to get my hopes up with energy drinks anymore.  It seems like more and more often  when I hear about how something is so amazing that I HAVE to try it, or HAVE to write up a review about it I find it is something I would not even want to pour out on the lawn, much less drink.  That is why I love this stuff so much….For me it lives up to its hype.

Imagine every good cherry flavor you can think of…cherry Jell-O, cherry Sweet Tarts, cherry lollipops, cherry popsicles, cherry juice….now mix it all together, add some carbonation, caffeine and there you go.  Really, this stuff is just damn good.  Now granted I love cherry flavored stuff, so this is right up my alley….typically though I find most cherry flavored candy, Energy shots , drinks lacking…not so here.  There is a LOT of flavor in each sip of this stuff…very rich, sweet, a bit of tartness, and a slight carbonated kick.  It’s not what I would call smooth drink (and that is not at all a bad thing), but more of a drink with a bite.  It really lets you know what the flavor is all about.  Lolli’s Cherry Pop definitely stands out from other cherry flavored beverages.  It’s like a candy/natural hybrid.

Power wise, it’s there.  It woke me up, but didn’t wire me.  I was not really hit with anything, but I did notice a bit of extra alertness after finishing a bottle.  Really, I think it will work the best for me as something to take at the end of the day when I’m in need of a little extra something to help finish off the afternoon.  It doesn’t have to be 200mg of caffeine strong, just a little kick will do…and this stuff will handle that quite nicely.  After finally getting to try a bottle I could care less whether or not it wakes me up, I just want another bottle in the fridge for tomorrow….to me it’s just that good…..and don’t even get me started on the potential of this stuff as a mixer.  Seriously, if I had a 6 pack of this stuff 2 would go into the fridge and 4 of them would go straight into shot glasses with numerous other substances.

Lolli’s Passion Pop Energy drink

This one was kind of a mixed bag for me, some sips I liked it, others it was just ok.  I guess I’m just not that big into the tropical flavor mixes.  Lolli’s Passion Pop reminds me a lot of pineapple flavored hard candies with a bit of lime… that I really look at it, that’s exactly what’s on the label, so I guess she’s doing a damn good job here.  J  The fruit flavors are a bit milder than I was expecting…it doesn’t have the bite that the Cherry pop had….instead, this one goes more for smoothness…and it is very smooth.  Typically lime and pineapple have that bit of tart kick, here however the tartness is very subdued and tamed down so that you get more of the fruit flavor without being either to sweet or to tart. It’s really quite a nice balance.  This stuff would really make an excellent summer drink, and is definitely best served up cold.

Power wise, it’s there with the Cherry Pop.  Nothing overwhelming, or new…nothing revolutionary, or daring…just a bit more kick than most would get out of a typical drink.  The big deal here is that like the Cherry Pop this drink is all natural…nothing artificial which is a nice change of pace for me.  Really, after all the artificial crap I have put into my system from other energy drinks I’m guessing there are certain parts of me that will never decompose…hell they might eve go on living long after I am dead and rise up to look for replacement parts for the pieces that don’t make it.

Over all, I give pretty high thumbs up to Lolli’s products.  They taste good, are pretty good for you, and it’s all done by the very cool and very sweet owner Sarah Holzer.  Good job at breaking the typical energy drink mold…it’s nice to know there are folks still thinking outside the box..

Oh yeah…and Sarah is also pretty hot