Some body count

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At first I was going to write about the sudden dramatic change in tone between the generally upbeat lite-comedy of last weekend and the thumping visceral action heavy output of this weekend.  But then I stopped to think whether that was really true and of course it’s not.  It’s just the films that appeal to me have changed.  It’s a quirk of the scheduling that meant last weekend we have Meryl Streep and Woody Allen and now it’s Brad Pitt and Oliver Stone.  So with a zero body count from 7 days ago I’m about to head to cinemas with the sure knowledge that will be crushed.  I’m thinking over 30 corpses between the two top films.  With the Runs like a Gay film of the week Killing Them Softly –

There are lies, damned lies and statistics.  So said Mark Twain in his autobiography.  So bearing that in mind I’m calling last weekend’s box office prediction a success.  What?  But RLAG said it would be ParaNorman yet any idiot with a Guardian can see it’s The Sweeney claiming the crown.  Yes, true, but Nick Love’s gritty crime flick (you see there were some last week) only squeezes into pole if you take into account two days of previews, an advantage the zombie tackling stop-motion didn’t have, take that out and Laika studios are the clear winners.  Take that Regan and Carter, hooray for the misunderstood kid.  There are two action flicks competing this weekend, both with similar screen counts, but I think the shorter running time and generally better reviews will enable Killing Them Softly to edge ahead, making it the first time in ages the film of the week is also predicted as box office champ.

Killing Them Softly

It is generally agreed that Andrew Dominik’s last movie, the intense balletic Jesse James film, is a modern masterpiece.  So all eyes were on his follow up at Cannes earlier in the year.  It comes as no surprise that the adaptation of George V. Higgins’ pulp 70’s novel hasn’t quite reached the standards of his previous film, but it seems punchy and didactic and should still be an exciting and unmissable film event.