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Jesse Powell extends invitation to Canadian Police, Iranian Bitcoiner learns expensive lesson

Tidbits provides a compilation of crypto-related talking points. Jesse Powell invites Canadian police to investigate the alleged death of Quadrigacx CEO Gerald Cotten, and subsequent movements of funds. Cdaemon, an Iranian redditor, is also taught by the r/btc group how to protect his crypto.

Helping Hand

Jesse Powell, Kraken CEO, has offered to cooperate with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on the investigation into Quadrigacx CEO Gerald Cotten’s alleged death and loss of private keys. Powell explained that Kraken has thousands of Quadrigacx wallet addresses.

There have been mixed reactions to Cotten’s death. Many believe that the CEO died in fact, while others believe that he faked his death. Commentator “I Am Nomad” noted that death is quite common in India’s backwoods. Powell wasn’t satisfied with the response. He was also suspicious that Quadrigacx was experiencing problems with crypto and fiat withdrawals during the month preceding Cotten’s death.

Ken A, a Twitter user posted a video showing Cotten buying a fake Indian death certificate for 25,000 rupees (or $450) to prove his innocence. Powell was stunned at how easy it was to obtain an Indian death certificate that looked official, but was fake.

This is a huge amount of work, so hopefully all the paperwork will be completed.

BTC Gives Iranian Bitcoiner Advice on Shelter Crypto

Cdaemon, an Iranian bitcoiner, lamented that Bittrex had frozen his account and taken his life savings. Cdaemon stated that he had left his funds on Bittrex because he couldn’t purchase hardware wallets to store cryptocurrency in 2017, due to Iran sanctions. Cdaemon stated that he had confirmed with Bittrex customer service that Iranians could use Bittrex before he used Bittrex and then had his account frozen.

Tidbits – Kraken CEO Offers Support in Quadrigacx Case; Iranian Bitcoiner Learns Expensive Leson. While many redditors sympathize with Cdaemon’s actions, many also wondered why he would store his cryptocurrency on an exchange. One commentator, pyalot, explained that there are many bitcoin wallets available for desktop, mobile, and paper. Cdaemon responded incorrectly, arguing that these options weren’t available in 2017. Cdaemon was incorrectly corrected by Pyalot, who then explained Pyalot’s mantra “not your keys and not your bitcoin”.

Cdaemon claimed that he couldn’t access online wallets because they were subject to U.S. sanctions laws in 2017. Cdaemon argued further down that he couldn’t access online wallets because they also adhered to U.S. sanction laws back in 2017.