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You may recognize Publicist as Sebastian Thomson from the hugely influential band Trans Am, as well as the seminal acts Weird War, and Dead Kids. He loves making music with his friends but he also loves to make music on his own. As he once said “I love making music with my friends but I also love making music on my own.” Publicist exists somewhere between DC, NYC, and London, after Sebastian decided it’s better to spend money on plane tickets than on rent. Publicist has played gigs in LA, San Francisco, Baltimore, DC, Glasgow, Dublin, Leeds, Bristol etc. This is super electro dance joy – can you smell the glamour?

Graduates of legendary DJ and Primal Scream producer Andrew Weatherall’s RGC label. R3MOTE – unveiled for the first time on Andrew Weatherall’s Rotters Golf Club label. Their highly critically acclaimed ‘Remotion EP’ features six unique tracks, ruggedly bristling with razor sharp beats overlaid with John Carpenteresque melody lines and bound together with an uncontrived energy that gnaws at your cortex whether on a dance floor or in a secluded darkened room: ‘Caustic, bruising, occasionally epic voxtronics’ Sleaze -‘Boasts moody orchestral sweeps, haunting riffs…rich musical textures’ DJ -‘Completely twisted f*cked up electro fuse’ Chris Healings (Fabric). – ‘Outstanding macabre, threatening stuff in the vein of New Order and Depeche Mode on a bad trip’ Jockey Slut.